10 Minute Walk

by Alex
(English, IN, US)

Me and this guy went hunting one day. well we had walked over 2 miles up and down hills. In and out of the woods. we finally gave up after going until about 2 in the afternoon. I had decided that i had walked enough my feet were killing me. I live in the middle of the woods so pretty easy to just step outside and walk into the woods. So Bob decides he was going back out, me being a girl I sat down on the porch and watched him disappear into the woods. Not 10 minutes later I heard a gunshot and I actually watched the deer run out of the woods and land right under the power lines! After walking all day and seeing nothing, I admit i was a little bitter about it! It came out to be an 11 pointer and about 200 pounds! It was pretty cool though!!! 🙂

Comments for 10 Minute Walk

Nov 28, 2011 🙂
by: Olivia Atherton I know the feeling sometimes I just can’t keep up…but it all ended up to being a neat experience.

Nov 21, 2011 Walking through the woods
by: Brr Black Walking through the woods and that damn Bob shoots a F@#%?#* deer while I sat on my but ’cause I was a tired lil’ girl.Seriously the same thing has happened to me because I was a tired fat old man! lol !

Nov 17, 2011 sin club president
by: Anonymous in area 12,saw no signs of any wildlife for eight hours.i sat down to relax,smoke a cigar,pulled out my lunch. as soon as i took a bite a buck walked out 20 yards from me and grunted.at this point i dropped my lunch,aimed pulled the the trigger and the shell misfired.the deer looked at me and fled away.i am the president of the sin club.

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