1st deer 1st shot 1st down:)

by Elizabeth Fountain
(Vancleave ,Mississippi)

One great winter day in Carroll County Mississippi December 24th first day of the hunt. Me and my dad went and sat on the biggest food plot we had. Cause I knew if we pick that one I would get a MONSTER. First thing walks out on the field was a BUCK but.. it was a cull buck, but my dad said it would look awesome on the wall so, as I look through my scope on my 308 and I got ready and Boom but that was not my shot. It was my uncles but it scared off the buck. so we wait 10 minutes and already 4 doe`s come out on the field, then a little spike, then a buck. By this time I can barely see cause it is getting so dark but I knew it had horns so I waited and tried to stick it out till the edge of dark. By that time there was 9 deer on the field but only one got shot. I shot a little 5 point, first deer, first time I ever shot that gun and first shot, that buck dropped right where he was standing.

1st buck
December 24th 2009
<3-Elizabeth Fountain

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