4 Wheelin whitetail

by Mike Trenoweth

It was opening day of deer season in Maine. The year was 2007. I was hunting in an unfamiliar area out behind my uncles house. As I did not know the area as well as some of my hunting companions, they sat me down on a stump overlooking an old woodroad. I was only there about 20 minutes when I could see the legs of a deer coming through the thick stuff to the side of the road. I clicked off the safety and the deer stepped into the road about 40 yards away. I shot the deer and he sat down in the road and fell over dead. As you can suspect, I was very excited as this was the first hunt of the day on opening day. Well, my uncle and a cousin of mine went back to their house to bring back a couple of atvs. In the meentime another cousin of mine and a friend dressed the big 10 point buck. As it was starting to rain, we were going to take the buck back to my uncles house and hose him out and I was going to fix my tag to him before we took it to the tagging station. My cousin got on one wheeler, I got on behind him and the deer was on the backrack behind me. On the way out, when we were climbing a hill, the front of the wheeler came up and over. My cousin was able to jump off, me, mot so lucky. I landed on the ground, the wheeler land on me and I drove my rifle all the way to the scope in the mud. When everyone got the wheeler off me, I was not able to catch my breath. I got on the wheeler that was still upright and we went to my uncles house and called the ambulance to go to the hospital. After I got to the hospital and got bandaged up, a game warden came in and asked if I knew it was the law that you have to affix your tag on a deer as soon as you killed it. I replied that I did and explained that I was going to tag it as soon as we got the deer back to my uncles and hosed it out. He also explained that they could take the deer as well as giving me a fine. Luckily in the end I was able to keep my 10 point, 206 pound deer. Now I always make sure to affix my tag before I even start gutting a deer. Thanks for reading, Mike Trenoweth

Comments for 4 Wheelin whitetail

Nov 22, 2011 Why ?
by: Brr Black
Why yer’ still alive, why they let you keep that buck, why they didnt fine you. You must be the luckiest dude alive ! They would have thrown my ugly fat long haired ass in jail! Ha !

Oct 31, 2011 Very Lucky
by: Greyghost
I am also glad you got to keep your deer. I hope you sent the Game Warden an nice thank you arund here they would have taken the deer and issued you a fine. Please be careful on your ATV from now on. Congratulations on the nice deer. 🙂

Oct 24, 2011 Yer’ OK-!
by: B.R.Y.
Glad your OK.I’am glad they let you keep that buck! Them darn 4 wheelers can be tricky! I know of 2 people who where killed on them in our area. Please be carefull!

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