A bad hit-Double check your gear!

by B.R.Yanney
(Athens PA)

I have been posting a lot of stories and comments on this site.I’d rather tell stories of my mistakes than my good hunts, so maybe younger and novice hunters don’t make the same mistakes I have.In the 95 season I hadn’t seen many bucks on my uncles farm, so I decided to concentrate on a group of does.I seen them in the evening working there way along the susquehanna river , next to a harvested corn field. I got in my stand pulled my bow and gear up and didn’t double check my gear, first mistake.I see this group of does and a big one lines herself up for a 30 yard shot. I release my arrow and shoot over her back and a little to the left. to my surprise she moved in closer to give me a 20 yard shot. I release my arrow and hit her above the right leg in the spine, down she goes and shes just a blating,how horrible. I nock my third and final arrow”thinking I practiced my ass of all summer- how come I’am shooting so badly.”I released my arrow and as I did my quiver fell off my bow, It hadn’t been snapped into place. Perhaps I bummped it when I pulled it up in the tree. Anyway the last arrow hit right next to the other arrow, now she has 2 arrows in her, both non lethal but paralizing hits. I’am truly sickened by my poor preperation.I think that loose quiver was making my bow shoot funny, because latter at home I lossened my quiver and took a shot, and sure enough high and to the left.Anyway I got out my stand and tried to find my first arrow, all the while the doe is still suffering. I couldn’t find my first arrow. I couldn’t let her keep suffering. So I pulled out my knife and started to move towards her, she seen me coming and tried to get away, blating the whole time. I jumped on her back and did the dirty deed, all the while she was kicking. Thank God my knife was sharp. I slit her throat and held onto her as she went limp.I through my knife to the ground and shouted to the sky, God why do I do this.So please double check your gear and hopfully this will never happen to you.

Comments for A bad hit-Double check your gear!

Nov 22, 2011 you sadistic b_ _ _ _ _d – !
by: Brr Black
You evil man. Just kidden’ did what you had to when things went wrong! If you hunt long enough something like this will happen to you, or someone you know.

Nov 01, 2011 Thanks again Greyghost-!
by: B.R.Y.
Thanks again. I feal as though I know you somehow!All of us hunters have to stick together, and support each other through the good and the bad.Every hunter is connected to something so ancient, pure and awesome.People who dont hunt or spent time in the wilderness may not understand.Maybe in a past life, 50,000 years ago we were sittin’ around the fire sharping our axes and our broad-heads, talking about the days hunt and planing tomorrows! Ha- HA !!!!!

Oct 31, 2011 hunting
by: greyghost
This is a sad experince for sure, but you are a hunter in every sence of the word, as quickly as you could, you put her out of her pain and most importantly you learned a valuable lesson in hunting. Keep up the good work and things will work out in the end.

Oct 12, 2011 I know what yer’ sayin’
by: B.R.Y.
That was my 2nd year archery hunting. I had a used bow with an old quiver that would only hold 3 arrows. I now carry my arrows in a seperate quiver, and carry at least 5 or 6 arrows.But thats not to say I havent made a lot more mistakes since then. That was 95 . It seems every year I find a new way to mess something up. Not as bad as I did that year, but I think thats part of archery. Every year I learn something new.I’ve had a buck eatin’ by coyotes, I let sit over night, I hit a buck low & never found him. Fell out of a tree broke my arm & leg ,OK that was pretty bad too. lol. But I also got 8 bucks”4 from the same tree” and a bunch of does in archery. I’ve also been fairly lucky in rifle season.Thanks for your kind words.

Oct 12, 2011 part of it
by: Anonymous
it’s the part of hunting that stinks,please carry more than 3 arrows in your quiver,this has happend to me and it is sick thing to go thru,not sure what was wrong with my bow i got down walked up to a few yards and put one in the vitals it was my 5th arrow….

Oct 05, 2011 i’m sorry
by: Anonymous
what a terrible experience. thank you for sharing I’ll try to never make that mistake.

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