A tough hunting season

by Shawn Kondash
(Schuylkill Have, Pa, USA)

2010 was a tough hunting season.

Well hello everyone this is my very first time on this page and my very first post, but I am looking to expand my hunting seasons with others that enjoy hunting as much as I do.

I don’t get to get out as much as I like to due to my job (EMT-FIREFIGHTER).

Well the first day of rifle season was a cold drizzle day, not much deer activity but plenty of hunters walking out of the woods.

I enjoy being out in the woods every chance I get. I’ll sit in my tree stand as long and as much as I can.

I saw a few doe that day and seen about 4 tails in the thick buck laurel. But was not able to get a shot at a PA whitetail.

As the buck season went on my trips in the wood became fewer and fewer due to work overload.

The last day of buck Dec. 11th 2010, I went to some PA state game lands that I hunt doe at.

I arrived their about 4:30 am and got in my stand about 5:30 am.

It was a cold windy morning as I huddle in my stand with my hand warmers tucked in my pants, shirt and gloves. I looked at my watch and it’s about 6:30 am and I can just start to see the cut corn field and the woods are starting to come alive with wild life.

As I glass the cut corn field I see 6 doe walking from the pines through the field and over to the trail to the bedding area. I have a doe tag for this area and I watch the doe walk 30 yards past me and out of sight then the biggest one in the bunch stop turn around and walk back out into the corn field and stand there.

Due to the fact that I have no more deer meat in the freezer and I let her walk away once if she is giving me the opportunity to shoot her I am not going to pass the chance up.

So I raise my Winchester 243 and place the crosshairs on her front shoulder. And I gingerly squeeze the trigger and down she goes.

I wait till about 7:30 to get out of my stand to go get her just in case the chance that a nice buck is walking back to the bedding area or out to eat but no such luck.

The doe that I shot weighed in field dressed at 125 lbs. She is a very big body deer.

So I sit here on Dec.20th 2010 and I am waiting for the opening day of doe season to come.

Which I enjoy due to the fact that I am able to hunt from Dec. 27th till Jam 29 2011 in late season is the best thing I have going for me right now.

That’s all I have for you now but trust me I will be back weekly to update all who care on how the 2010-2011 doe season goes here in Pa.

Thank you all who have read and enjoyed.

Pa White-tail hunter

Comments for A tough hunting season

Oct 12, 2011 Fellow PA hunter.
by: B.R.Y. Buck or no buck sounds like you had a good day.You sir have a very honerable job.You deserve all the good luck that comes your way! Hope ya’ get a big one this year 2011-2012!

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