Advice for a newbie…girl

by Kay
(Birmingham, AL)

I’ve got a terrific boyfriend and an interest in joining him in his favorite passtime, deer hunting.

He’s a bit skeptical, but I’m determined to make a good showing and not humiliate myself.

Please help with any tips/tricks, and advise me on:
What is the best camo for a newbie that won’t cost me $500?
Can I wash my hair the day of the hunt and if so, with what?
For my first hunt, what’s the best thing I could do? (I suspect keep my mouth shut and be really quiet?)

Just any advice, really. I haven’t met a single woman hunter. I could use some help.

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Nov 01, 2012 Thanks so much!
by: Kay
Thanks so very much for your advice. That’s a lot more than I’ve gotten from my boyfriend! I can do all of those things and at least not look stupid.We’re rifle hunting, and a friend’s husband is going to teach me to shoot my father’s deer rifle, which I inherited. I’m so grateful to have good advice!!!And as a word of advice to you guys, include your girls! Some of us want to share your interests!

Thanks – Kay

Nov 01, 2012 Advice
by: Anonymous
You can get camos at bass pro. Mossy oak break up infinity. You can wash your hair the day of the hunt or the day before, but make sure u use scent killer soap or shampoo. You can also get scent free laundry detergent and a spray bottle you put on right before you go hunting. Some tips i would suggest is getting a primos can call and bonecollectors flextone game call. Depending on if your bow hunting or rifle hunting, either way you need to practice and see how you shoot and then sight the gun accordingly. When your in the woods check for tracks or droppings and the biggest, make sure you dont smell, you have to sit still, and have everything in range where you can grab it without fumbling through a pack.
P.S. And i hope you prove your boyfriend wrong

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