First Buck!

Boy and His Buck

by Jake (Kansas) It was opening morning of Kansas gun season. The previous year I had shot at a monster 11 point on the run that I had jumped out of it’s bed. So this year I had bowhunted and saw only small bucks and the BIG GUY one time. So only being 15 I … Read more

First Deer Shot 10 Point Buck

first deer shot 10 point buck

by Adam Duff (Marlette, Michigan) 10 pointer 18 1/4 spread My name is Adam Duff I am 16 years old and live in Marlette, Michigan on a farm. I have been hunting for three years and this is the story of how I shot my first deer. On November 18, 2009 I was walking back … Read more

Virginia Deer Hunting Hoss 6 Point Buck

Virginia 6 point buck

by Kenny Cosby (Moseley Virginia) Hoss Virginia 6 Point Buck This is a friend of mine, Donnie that I work with on the left and his brother. The 1st day of Virginia deer hunting season came on saturday. They got the surprise of their life when this big 6pt buck came running by. After seeing … Read more

First Deer on Sunday Morning what a shot!

Father and son hunting

by Ricky Watson (IGH,MN,USA) On Saturday morning me and my dad saw a 8 pointer at about 8:15 and my dad shot and missed and about 40 minutes later I called in a massive doe and it was about 40 yards away and my dad missed again. That night we went out and about 135 … Read more

Any tips on hunting AEP’s land in Zanesville Ohio for deer/gun?

AEP Lands

I plan on hunting AEP’s land in a few weeks for deer/gun. I have never been there before. Are there tree stands? Where is a good spot? Where should I park? Is it really crowded? Tips to be safe? What time to go out? Can I use a deer attractant? Response from “First off, … Read more

My Dads Big 15pt Kentucky Buck

big 15 point kentucky buck

by Hunter (Kentucky) My Dads Big 15pt Kentucky Buck My dad has been deer hunting in these Kentucky woods for over 20 years. Word got out about a monster buck up through there. Finally word got to my dad that there was a big Kentucky buck there. My dad got to the woods he has … Read more

My Very First Deer

Justin Mishler Buck

by Justin Mishler (Howell, Michigan, United States) My Very First Deer November 16th 2008, a day after the opening day of deer season. I was 14 and I really never went hunting before but I really wanted to. So around 2 o’clock my dad and I walked to our hunting spot just behind my house. … Read more

Trophy 10 Point Buck in 08

Super Tree Farms Buck

by Denny Hicks (Newnan, GA) My first year of deer hunting at 40 years of age with my son in Union Springs Alabama produced a 130 inch perfect 10 pointer at Super Tree Farms. A life long friend of mine’s dad owns the qdma managed property. I was in a stand they called the driveway … Read more