Be Careful Moving Your Tree Stands!

by B. R. Yanney
(Athens PA)

In the pre-season of 09′ I was taking down a tree stand I left in a tree from the year before. Its’ chain had grown into the tree.

Chain in tree

I was up there about 15 feet , tugging on it with no safety harness, When it gave way.

Down I came, broke my right wrist and right leg.

It all happened because I was impatient and getting a little angry.

Thank god my 13 year old son was there to scrape me up and carry me to the truck.

He was freaking out , but he is my hero. He hopefully learned from my stupidity.

I spent the archery/rifle season in a wheel chair, looking out the window, at the beautiful fall season.

Please learn from my careless actions. I don’t want any of my fellow hunters to miss a season in the woods.

I made up for in 2010 season by filling my archery tags on the first day.

A nice doe in the morning, and a big body 7 point in the evening, I guess you could call him a management buck.

This year though again I am missing the hunting season.

Numbness in my back is settling in ,it’s just gotten’ worse since my fall, and I am waiting for carpal tunnel surgery in both hands.

That’s a combination of my work , guitar playing and shooting my bow with a glove.

This story took me hours to type, but I just wanted to pass along my story.

So be careful, watch your temper , warm up your hands properly, don’t over stress your hands.

I know I coming off like an idiot.

Nothing ever happened to me before.

If your careless it will catch up to you, unless your lucky.

God bless all of you hunters, please be careful, and I hope you all get that trophy you’ve been hunting so hard for.

Comments for Be careful moving your tree stands!

Oct 06, 2011 Thanks-!
by: B.R.Yanney
Thank guys! Holy cow, I didn’t expect such encouraging and nice comments.I have been very lucky archery hunting over the years, no pope and young bucks, but then again I’am not a trophy hunter.So I don’t mind sitting out a season or two. Just as long as folks like you are out there being save and supporting our right to hunt. God bless every one of you!

Oct 04, 2011 thanks
by: Anonymous
Thank you so much for sharing this with us, I’m a new hunter and will be a whole lot more careful…thank again. Praying for you.

Oct 04, 2011 jeez
by: Anonymous
this makes me want to get a deer and send it to u lol…things happen for a reason just remember that

Oct 04, 2011 chain stuck in tree
by: Anonymous
when using chain cover it with old garden hose , tubing

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