Beginners Luck or Know How

by Robert

Beginners luck,

Think about it. Is this really what it is.

You take your son or daughter out and try and teach them everything you know about hunting.

You teach them to respect the weapon of choice.

You teach them to respect the outdoors and you teach them to respect the game they are going for.

To make sure they have a clear and good shot.

Teach them where and why to place a shot.

Give them all the info you can on stand placement, importance of being quiet and still in their stand.

Show them how to look for deer signs and how to use that to help them.

Inform them on the use of cover scents and attractants. You also go over rules for hunting where you are. Then they get online or go to your local hunting store and do some research of their own.

Sometimes you look at them and think are they getting any of this.

And then the day comes you let them go and find their own stand and get out there opening day.

They go out and run all the info though their head, you and others in your hunting group or the local store have given them.

They place their stand, double check their location.

Opening day comes and they have more gear to take in than you ever thought one hunter would need.

You go out and say good luck, shoot straight, be safe and make sure of your shot. Go over the shooting times and meeting place. Check the walkies and then your son chimes in.

I got this dad. I will call you if I need you.

You say OK see ya later.

You separate and go to your stands. It’s shortly after shooting time and you hear a shot from his direction.

A few minutes later the radio silents breaks. You hear your son out of breath, I got him, I got him.

That day your son was the only one to get a deer in your group.

You are so proud of him.

Everyone else talks about what they saw and what got away or how they didn’t see him coming or how they spooked him.

You tell me beginners luck or beginners know how.

We can get so comfortable with the way we hunt we forget to put in place a lot of what we pass along to the beginners.

We can all take some notes from them.

The beginners are out there trying to do it all right and get that first big buck.

Maybe we all need some beginners luck

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