I am 14 and I have been hunting for 4 years now. Last year on the second night of the first season me and my dad were in the stand. My dad thought he saw a deer run out from the woods about 200 yds away. I grabbed my gun, stood up and waited. My heart was pumping with buck fever. Next thing I know a huge 12 pointer comes running full speed over the hill and right past my stand. I wasn’t going to take a shot, but all of a sudden it came to a dead stop. I wasnt waiting. I picked up my gun and blasted it. I was so shakey I took a bad shot but it dropped and started to get up again so I blasted it again. To my amazement the thing was still moving. The buck got to the top of the hill before we had a shot but I couldn’t shoot knowing that there were houses on the other side of the hill. The monster finnaly got his legs up and it started to trot. We tracked it for about 15 mins, there was blood everywhere. Finally we heard two shots, they were within 100 yds of us and we knew someone had the buck. We went and talked to the hunter. He refused to let me see the deer but he did say that the one he shot was a 12 pointer. It was the buck of a lifetime and my first deer, but the experience was amazing. The buck took 4 shots before he died. We like to call him Goliath. The man later gave me the head with the rack feeling sorry for me.

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Oct 11, 2011 Get the game warden!
by: B.R.Yanney A situation like this happened to a friend of mine. I don’t know the laws in your state, but in a situation like this, just call the game warden. They will settle it peacefully and leagally.Hope you have more and better memories in the future. God bless!

Oct 10, 2011 wow
by: Olivia Atherton It so sad that their are people like that in the hunting world that must have dampened the joy of the first buck. But I really like your spirit, I wouldn’t have been so nice 🙂

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