BIG Wepster Co. BUCK of 2010

by Kenneth Mott
(Columbus GA)


Hi my name is Kenneth Mott I am 15 and I have been hunting since I was 8 and I love it.

If I could do it for a living I would.

I live for opening day.

Well I’ll tell you my story now.

It was November 28, 2010 and it was cold that morning. It was 20 out and I went and asked my dad if I could ride off to East Center Point, the other piece of land in our hunting club with my best friend Ronda and he said ya sure thats fine.

I have been wanting to hunt this one spot all year but I told my self that I wasn’t going to set foot in there until the rut and I did just that.

So get to East Center Point at 5:00 am and I looked at him and said I’ll meet you back here at 10:00 and he said no you don’t need to get down that early.

I haven’t seen my buck until 11:00 and I said ok and we started off to our stand and I got in my deer stand at 5:40 .

When day break came I could hear something walking through the woods and I was looking all around then I look up and there is a little 4 point walking through the woods.

Then I said to my self that this is going to be a good morning deer are already moving .

But I sat there and sat there and I haven’t seen anything else yet this but that little 4 this morning .

About 10:48 I see that I have missed a call from my dad so I call him back and he asked me if I have seen anything and I told him about that little 4 I saw and then he said you ready to get down I’ll come get you and I said no sir I am going to stay in here for another hour or two and he said ok and hung up.

I sat there and 5 minutes later I hear something stop beside me and I thought it was a doe or that little 4 I saw earlier but no I look to my left and standing there looking dead at my was the BIGGEST 8 POINTER I ever saw in the woods.

So I cocked the hammer on my single shot 308 and I watch him walk out in front of me and I yell for him to stop and he stop right behind a tree so I waited for him to walk again and I yell for him to stop and he stop and I had only a hole about as big as a baseball and I took it and down he went and I went to hooting and hollering and I had to call my dad and when I told him the news he came as fast as he could.

I never thought I would see him that happy.

He was so happy he was crying.

I am so glad my dad got me in to hunting .


I hope all the hunters good luck on the up coming season .

Comments for BIG Wepster Co. BUCK of 2010

Jan 19, 2012 thanks
by: Kenneth
thanks and my best friends name is Ronald not Ronda sorry Ronald

Nov 04, 2011 Single shot master !
by: B.R.Y.
I love the part about your dad being so happy. That choked me up a little, as I’am a dad too. Them single shots make you a better hunter/shooter. I love that grin that a big buck gives a hunter. God bless ya’ , and may you have many more hunts with yer’ dad !

Oct 20, 2011 amazing
cool aren’t parents great…i’m a girl and enjoy hunting, but not as much as you guys. my dad was so proud of me when i decided to hunt also. and i’m glad i began hunting…i love the woods and the early mornings, not to mention i could shoot everyday.

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