Alabama Hunters Helping The Hungry

Alabama hunters helping the hungry

How Alabama Hunters Helping the Hungry Works Hunters field dress the deer and take it to a processor participating in the Alabama Hunters Helping the Hungry program. The hunter is not charged to donate the venison, but hunters may voluntarily pay processing fees to provide more venison for food banks to distribute. The deer is […]

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Ohio Deer Hunting

Ohio Deer Hunting

Ohio deer hunting continues to top the list of trophy whitetail destinations due in large part to an excellent deer management program. Ohio’s deer management program is designed to control the state’s deer herd by harvesting does, while maintaining a very conservative buck harvest. Hunters are allowed to harvest one buck in Ohio per year. […]

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Connecticut Deer Hunting

ct deer hunting

Connecticut deer hunting continues to shine as an extremely long archery season with very liberal bag limits, and a peak rut gun season make the nutmeg state a great place to bag a trophy buck. The general trophy deer hunting hotspots are the northeastern and northwestern parts of the state, due largely to an abundance […]

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Alaska Deer Hunting

alaska deer hunting map

Alaska deer hunting is limited to the pursuit of the sitka blacktail deer in the coastal regions of the state. The Sitka black-tailed deer is smaller, stockier, and has a shorter face than other members of the black- tailed group. The average October live weight of adults is about 80 pounds for does and 120 […]

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Alabama Deer Hunting

alabama deer hunting

Alabama deer hunting continues to top the list of hunter friendly destinations. With a deer herd topping an estimated 1.75 million animals and one of the most liberal seasons in the country, is it any wonder that hunters love this state. The Alabama deer hunting season covers 108 days annually and hunters may harvest both […]

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New Product Release! Slumper Seats Replacement Treestand Seats

slumper seats

by Admin Slumper Seats Replacement Tree Stand Seats Whether your tree stand seat has been chewed by the squirrels, got weather worn or is just plain uncomfortable. Slumper seats are the seats your backside will be happy you have installed onto your stand. Made in America and using only the highest quality fabrics to keep […]

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Alaska Deer Hunting Season

alaska deer hunting season

Alaska deer hunting season is limited to zones 1 thru 8 on the states southern coast. Alaska deer hunting seasons are subject to change and sometimes are closed abruptly due to the adverse affects of a particularly severe winter. Be sure to check with the Alaska Fish and Game Department before planning your hunt. Below […]

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Alaska Deer Hunting Guides

Alaska Deer Hunting Guide

Alaska deer hunting guides go through a rigorous licensing process to be sure they are capable of handling the types of situations which can arise on an Alaska deer hunt. The guides listed below are licensed and fully equipped to handle all of your Alaska deer hunting needs. The best way to find the right […]

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Hunt To Feed – Donate Your Deer To Feed The Hungry

hunt to feed

by John VanDerLaan (Connecticut) Hunters helping the hungry in Connecticut through Hunt To Feed! Despite news reports to the contrary…You can, in fact, donate the deer that you harvest in Connecticut to local food banks! The deer management consultants at Whitetail Solutions have started a program called Hunt to Feed. This innovative program allows Connecticut […]

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Big Game Logic

big game logic

by Jeff Schmitz (Wisconsin) Big Game Logic is an interactive deer tracking resource that enhances the traditional scouting process and increases your chances of harvesting that dream buck this hunting season. Big Game Logic provides you with an innovative format for virtually tracking herd movement, journaling hunts, and privately storing treestand, trail camera, and food […]

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Hot Logic 400 Macrowave 4-Shelf Ultimate Slow Cooker Oven

hot logic 400

by Jerry K. (Wisconsin) Hot Logic 400 Macrowave 4-Shelf Ultimate Slow Cooker Oven I recently had the opportunity to field test a product called the hot logic 400 oven from www. After testing the hot logic 400, I thought to myself this would be a great product for all the hunters, fishermen, and campers […]

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Ohio Trail Camera Pictures

ohio giant buck

The #1 Source For Trail Camera Pictures On The Internet. From the desk of Matt Hopkins at Wolf Creek Whitetails We have just recently retrieved some great trail camera pictures from some of our Ohio properties. What an amazing scouting tool these cameras can be, we’ve used them for many years and are always impressed […]

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Red Deer Stag

by JULIO SAMEK (Argentina) Dear Friends, In this year that has just begun, we are going to realize your hunting dream. How? Inviting you and your friends to have a great time at our hunting safari “Hunters Cave” in La Pampa, Argentina. We would like for you to send this e-mail to anyone that you […]

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Missouri Deer Hunting Outfitter

iron duck hunting buck

by Daniel Guyer (Missouri) Missouri Deer Hunting Iron Duck Hunting specializes in Whitetail deer hunting adventures. Our locations are in North West Missouri. They run from Smithville 7200 acre lake area to Mound City Missouri Squaw Creek National Wild Life Area and surrounding areas. Lodging and meals provided with three and five day rates. […]

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Deer Hunting Journal 2008

Huge Whitetail Buck

Opening Day 2008 September 15 2008 I could see the buck coming through the thick underbrush. He moved carefully…deliberately…His senses on high alert. My heart was racing as he slowly closed the gap between us. 30 yards…25 yards…20 yards…I drew my bow undetected…just as he was about to step into my shooting lane…the alarm went […]

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