Buck of A Life Time

by Nick Forbeck
(Silex, Mo)

It was a very cold Novemeber morning, I was up before the alarm even went off I was so excited. Opening morning of rifle season in 2009 was my favorite time of the year. Waking up at 4 in the morning wasnt, but getting out to the tree before the birds and everything else awakens is always going to be an expierence. Anyways, we awoke, ate breakfast, suited up, and waited for our buddies to arrive. They got to my house at 4:45 and thats when we headed out to the farm. It was only 5 miles from my house but it still felt like forever to get there. We first had to show my best friend and his dad where to set up and then headed to our own spots. My dad set me up on his favorite spot and then headed for his about 250 yards over the ridge. 5:35 was the time I got situated in my stand, i was so excited and anxious for the sun to rise. Finally at 6:05 the first shot awokened the woods. It came out like a fire cracker and thats when it got interesting, I thought in my head “Okay, Im going to be the 4th shot.” Then Bam Bam! the next to shots went off 75 yards behind me, I could see the hunter in orange who was shooting, then… Silence… 10 minutes past and there was nothing, not a sound, not a word. Then, as I turned to check behind me, I seen a Doe. Being my first year in the woods alone, I thought I would make my dad proud by droppping the beautiful doe in her tracks. As I put the crossairs on her head, she quickly whipped her head backwards and bolted. I sat there in shock, wondering “What the heck went wrong, within minutes a Monster bucks comes running with his head down tail up and grunting the whole way following that does every move, with a quick hollar the buck stopped and threw his head up. I fired, Smoked him, then he quickly got back up and me having a semi-automatic .270 I fired another quick 3 shots finally bringing the beast down. I was astonished! I couldnt believe I just got my first real trophy! I called my dad and within minutes I seen him Running over the ridge faster than hes ever ran before. As we walked up to my trpophy, he seemed to be getting bigger and bigger as we got closer and closer….

In the end I got a regular mount on him. His Gross score was 165, but with all deductions he ended with a 156 5/8 final score. he was 7 1/2 years old and had a broken foot and he was blind in one eye. Im so proud of the buck. ITs always going to go down as one of the best memories Ive had in the world!

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