Buck vs Tree

by B.R.Y.
(Athens PA)

A few years back my brother in law was hunting with a friend.He doesnt hunt anymore but this is a crazy deer story! They met up at the edge of a field after trying to push some deer to some other hunters. They where standing there talking, when a buck busted out of the woods and was running full bore across the field.They both pulled up there rifles and unleashed the fury. They didnt see him fall, so they went to the other end of the field to see if they could find him.On the far side of the field is a steep inbankment, Ya’ know it went strait down hill. There they found this 7 point buck tanngled up in a tree, dead ! They pulled him out of the tree, not one bullet hole in him! He jummped into the tree and broke his neck ! My brother in law tagged him ,and is one of his best hunting memmories!

Comments for Buck vs Tree

Nov 21, 2011 funny
by: Tommy Bowman That’s is so funny

Nov 07, 2011 Thanks – !
by: B.R.Y. Thanks again Oliva. You always say nice things about my storys.I’ve posted a lot of comments and storys latley as my left hand is recovering from surgery.It takes along time to type with just my right hand pointer finger, but I got nothing else to do. lol. Good luck this year-!

Nov 07, 2011 Crazy story!
by: Olivia I have never heard of anything like that…that was so wired. I can believe that that’s one of his best hunting memories, what a neat experience.

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