Chasing the Buck,literally

by Ken

The scene,a large mountainside meadow with a brokendown fence along the upper edge,a strip of brush about 100 yds wide along the length of the meadow and open hardwoods to the top of the mountain.A large ravine ran down the mountain into the meadow.I scouted the area before opening day of the rifle season.There was a network of trails in the brush.I found an intersection in the brush that was visible from the open woods.I found a log to hide behind and prepared the site by scraping away some debris.I went in on opening morning by flashlight in the dark.I sat there waiting.About 8:00 some deer moved in from the west.They were on another trail deeper in the brush.I could hear them and see flashes of brown moving.They bedded down below me.I babysat them for hours hoping a buck would show himself.Finally,there was some noise to the west and they got up and moved out.I saw a flash of antler and decided to try to intercept them.They weren’t moving too fast and I could follow them by slipping from one large tree to another for about 100 yds.At that point, I was behind a large log on the lip of the ravine and could hear them coming my way.The first one was a doe that ran up the opposite slope and disappeared,the next one was a doe that did the same.The third one was a buck that stopped halfway up with his shoulder behind a small tree and looked back at his backtrail.I had the 30-30 rested on my hand on the log.I put the crosshairs as close to the tree as I dared and squezzed off a shot.He took off running downhill along the side of the ravine.I shot again just as he started to fall in some rocks.He had 7 points on a small rack.I had hit him with the first shot through the lungs and missed with the second.

Comments for Chasing the Buck,literally

Nov 27, 2011 nice!
by: Anonymous cool bro keep huntin

Nov 01, 2011 Really Cool!
by: Olivia That is an amazing story…keep hunting!

Nov 01, 2011 From another in PA
by: B.R.Y. Nice story, sounds like you had a great day. I love it when a plan comes together. Sounds like ya’ kinda stalked them! Congrats’ !

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