Conger’s Big Eleven Pointer

by Dakota Conger
(Floris Iowa United States)

It started out as any other day of deer season. Woke up my buddy Clint Foster. about 20 minutes later we started to walk around in the timber pushing all the ditches. we walk about an hour through the timber and by then we were sweating and tired. Clint said he was going to my grandmas house and I said ok I’m going to finish this other timber then I’ll be back. I walked for about a half hour and was getting to the last draw to walk through and I looked up in the sky and said “lord let me see at least one deer” and I started to walk over this hill and when I topped the hill at 120 yards was a big buck at a dead sprint running across a field I pulled my charles daily 20 gauge up and took it off saftey and fired once. I seen his tail flatten so I knew I hit him but since he didnt go down I fired four more rounds at him, by this time the buck was about 150 yards and on the fourth shot he flattened to the ground and went rolling. I hurried over to were he lay and he was still moving trying to get up so I fired once into his neck killing him instantly. I got to looking at his rack and it was the buck I been watching all year. He was a basic eight pointer with a split brow tine and two stickers at the base. He weighed 213 pounds and scored 146 3/4.

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