Crazy Lower Upper Michigan turkey hunt!

by Noah

There was 1 day left in the Michigan 2012 spring turkey season. Still no luck my dad had been up late the previous night with friends because he didn’t think we should hunt the next day. So 4 a.m. came and I got up because it was getting light soon then I heard my dad get up to use the “facilities”. So I went and asked him if he was ready he was tired but said only if when I go outside and use the owl call and we hear one. So we went outside and used the call immeadietly 5 turkeys gobbled so we packed up and got out at about 4:30 am and it was already light then we used the mouth call and we had 12 roosted toms gobble back so we sat in the blind occasionally using the mouth call and still getting gobbles then all of a sudden silence then we heard the coyotes we thought no way are we gonna get a turkey now about an hour later we start getting gobbles again. Then 2 big toms pop out of no where and run out over the hill in the big freshly manure spread corn field I couldn’t get a shot with my Rossi 20 ga. Because they were at about 100 yards. Then for about an hour we couldn’t see them over the hill but then I caught glimpse of one over the hill. But then the hens came in 4 hens came trotting across the other end of the field so we thought no way will they come to our Jake and hen decoys. But then the 6 turkeys started walking off the far northeast corner but then for some reason the turned to the southeast corner then when they got to where they were going into the woods. Then the toms turned and were coming right towards us leaving the hens going straight for our decoys but where I has in the blind I couldn’t see them so I put my gun up because I thought they would walk right past me but they saw me put the gun up so they started sprinting then I saw them. (BOOM) one shot both turkeys died right there on the spot from 12 yards. They ended up weighing 21 and 23 pounds with 9 and 8.25 inch beards and also 1.25 inch spurs. They were my first turkeys. My dad tagged the other one with his tag.

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Oct 13, 2012
by: Anonymous 600+ acres open to the public for the first time.Alabam deer hunting.

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