Deer Antlers and Man Caves

by David Swanson
(Mars Hill N.C. USA)

Have you run out of wall-space for your GameHead Deer Mounts? Me too, so I decided to find a cheaper, yet very classy way to show off a Deer Hunters latest prize. Another plus… it looks good in any room so the Wife keeps her complaints to a minimum.

Go to to view this new way to show off and admire your favorite rack. While there, check out the other Camo Creations made just for your Man-Cave.

Comments for Deer Antlers and Man Caves

Feb 15, 2012 New Style Coming soon…
by: David Swanson Just a heads-up…I started on a new style today that breaks-up some of the all Camo Green that is prevalent in most of my Antler Lamps. Make sure to check in often at for pictures of my new style. My Hunting buddies already give it two thumbs-up, you will to!

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