Doe Down

by brad

I have already posted one of my best turkey hunting stories. But today I’m going to be telling u guys about my opening day deer kill. Well I have been getting ready to hunt for a week and had been seeing a lot of deer. So when opening day came along I was feeling good about it. I got up got ready and headed out. I had been out there about an hour now and had seen nothing this worried me because I always see deer long before legal shooting light. After a bit I was cold and thinking the deer must have seen me walk in or something and were not going to come around. But for some reason I desired to keep sitting there. So maybe 10-15 mins later a squirrel walk out and hopped around for a min or two. Then as my eyes were watching it go back into the woods I saw movement and there stood a big fat doe. She kept looking my way so I thought see may of seen me move so I was worried she was going to run but she kept coming in. So I got ready she came out into the field and looked at me again so I knew it was now or never and even though I didn’t have a broad side shot I squeezed the trigger and she dropped in her tracks.

A great end to the best hunting day of the year.

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