Double Surprise

It was the last day of the season that my father and I could hunt together, and we needed meat. Sunset is upon us, so in a last ditch effort my father calls me and tells me to position myself for a two man drive in which he would walk a ridge and hopefully run them down to me. I posted on a field edge where I could see the hill and watched a large doe run down and stop broadside, at least 120 yards away. I shoot a Winchester 870 with iron sights, so it was a somewhat difficult shot, but I managed to hit the vitals anyway. While approaching her with the bead on her chest, I notice another large doe out of the corner of my eye about 80 yards to my left. I had two doe tags (and two buck tags), so I turned and shot as she sprinted off, and connected in the upper vitals/spine. I walked back to my first deer and put a quick round through her head to provide a quick death, and noticed antlers on one side. I thought it was a doe, but his antlers had blended in with the corn stalks. I walked to the second deer and the SAME THING HAPPENED. Two large 6 points were on the ground (one with half a rack)and I thought both were does. Talk about two lucky shots on two lucky deer.

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Nov 27, 2011 *?*
by: Brr Black Thats what I thought, but wasnt gonna’ say anything. Because I’ve been wrong before too! But I liked the story !

Nov 27, 2011 correction on your firearm
by: Anonymous By the way a 870 is a Remington pump shotgun,not a winchester.

Nov 21, 2011 Last minute double surprise.
by: Brr Black You were lucky, the bucks not so lucky! lol !

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