Dropped on impact

by K.dog
(Kane Co. Illinois)

11-11-2011 Lucky numbers.
I hunt in a major bedding area,and this mourning i got busted by 2 deer on the way to my stand. I got in my stand and pretty much didn’t see anything for 2 hours,then I had movement to my left a 6pt and a doe, to far to take a shot. I watched them disappear to my south. waited another hour and a spike was off in the distance.I gave a grunt and he responded, here he comes. right to me 12yrd shot right in front of the left shoulder, lower neck shot, dropped on impact. GRIM REAPER BROADHEADS,70lb PSE. massive entry wound. Major adrenelin rush. Really healthy spike, meat for the freezer.

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Mar 18, 2012 Story
by: Anonymous I trophy hut during the rut! During bow season it better not walk within 40yrds. You dont have to explain yourself as long as your happy with it that’s all that matters some people need to mind there own business…. good story

Feb 15, 2012 peartreegameranch deer farm
by: SCH I understand you wanting to plug your product and that was pretty slick. But….4 thousand dollars for a 129 to 139 class buck? C’mon, man, that’s crazy. 7 thousand for a 140 to 159class buck…..I don’t even see it. Maybe if I had absolutely no access to good hunting land and didn’t mind the price, I still don’t think I could get past the high fence which you guys are obviously operating your ranch with. I know the type of hunters you’re catering to and I don’t think you’ll find them on this blog. At least I hope not.

Nov 28, 2011 So Neat!
by: Olivia Atherton Totally neat that you shot a deer on 11-11-11 that will always be a memory:) My dad shoot a button buck without knowing that it wasn’t a doe…that sometimes happens, it was meat in the freezer and we were all thankful. God Bless and keep hunting:)

Nov 23, 2011 Dropped In the Water !
by: B.R.Y. During one early hot archery season I was hunting over a small swampy pond at the edge of the field. It had a ton of foot prints in the mud, so I knew they where visiting it. So about 5:00 This nice doe trots right down to the edge, Iam up in a big pine tree.I hit her in the spine, a little high, but she goes right in this stinky pond. I put another arrow in her to finish her off.But then I had to go in this pond to fish her out, needless to say I stunk to high heaven. When I got back to the house my moms like what the ! boy you stink! Not exactely dropped on impact, but thats the closest Ive ever gotten’!Well one other time, if you read my story on this site “A bad hit,double check your gear” thanks for your story. Good luck this thanksgiving weekend!

Nov 23, 2011 no problem
by: k.dog Everythings cool on my end. Just happy to see people comment. Just keepin it real. No problem, put in a good days work and pop the top on a few barley pops. Weekend starts tonight. 4 days of hunting 4 a trophy. I’ll keep you posted.

Nov 22, 2011 Whoa – !
by: Brr Black Ya’ know if ya’ say something nice no-one gives you a responce back. But if you say something with a little attitude you get a responce back in a matter of minutes. I wasnt putting you down, like I said I’ve done the same thing.Sorry K-Dog its just my nature to be a sarcastic douche! We hunters have to stick together ! I was just passin’ along what was told to me. I think I came of a little to preachy, again I’m sorry.

Nov 22, 2011 response
by: k.dog I could not tell it was a spike, that is why i harvested the deer. I missed a big 8pt the week b4.Where I hunt the prarie grass is 7 to 9 feet tall. It only takes 1 buck to keep the herd going. There is plenty of bucks around here. Won’t be long and we’re going to have to take what we can get. Dnr are culling deer for testing of cwd all over the counties up here. I personally take a doe for the freezer then trophy hunt the remainder of the season. Reason for the story was it was my first time with a bow dropping a deer on impact, never moved an inch. Done it with a shotgun(slug) but never a bow.

Nov 21, 2011 Please dont !
by: Brr Black Nice shot but, if you were at 12 yards you could tell he was a spike.If you needed the meat I understand. But as I got older I see the need for us to try and pass on them smaller bucks. Its called hunting ethnics and or proper game managment. Im not being preachy because I’ve done the same thing untill older more experianced hunters pointed it out to me.I know its hard to pass up any chance to take a deer. But after the momment has past, and you didnt take that smallish deer you still get that adrenaline rush, and the satisfaction that you made the right choice! But like I said if your hungry all that goes out the window. In our area here in northeast you cant take a buck unless he has 3 points on each side.

Nov 14, 2011 Great story on Dropped on impact….
by: Anonymous It started off bad, seen by deer, and lots of time left. Then the deer came in and boom, got him. Reminds me of www.peartreegameranch.com hunting. Seems like deer are always noticing me. Thank goodness you got the deer, Awesome shot.
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