First Buck

by liam schatzer
(California Missouri USA)

Today, I would like to tell u about the first buck I shot. It was a Saturday morning we put my friend in his stand and then went back to the truck. We got to the truck got our things then went to the stand it was about 600yds from the truck. When we get there, there is a nice 8pt that would score mybe 130-140. Would have shot it but it was 6:25am so still dark. Then the sun came out and we saw lots of does. At about 8:20am we saw my buck come out. I was so happy because that was the first buck I’d ever seen. The bad thing was that it would not come our way so i had to use a 738 Primos “The Great Big Can”. The buck come running at a doe. Then we got to see how big it was and it was a 6pt. It walked 73yds into some turnips. I got him in my cross-hairs then lights out for him. He jumped a few feet straight up but that was all he wrote. I thought I did pretty good for a 12 year old so put on here.

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