first pistol hunt

by ethan patton

It was the last week of the rut and I woke up at six to get ready and at seven I left. I got down there and put out my deer scent and i sat there for a while and waited and i started to get bored then out of the corner of my eye i saw a deer and it was fairly sunny so i could instantly tell he was a buck but i couldn’t tell how big.
He continued to walk until he got to where he stopped and I shot but i missed and it didn’t run away(thank god).So i quickly but quietly got up and with both hands on the pistol i aimed for the front shoulder and i pulled the trigger. It hit because he did a mule kick and split, I shot four more times before stopping and believe me my heart was pumping so i slowly started to follow him the way he ran about ten steps into that i hear big crashing sound. At this time I reload my gun, i finally get it reloaded and continue on the pursuit I trip on the way there i find the blood and continue following it and i find a bush covered in nothing but blood ( in my mind i’m saying this ones got to be dead.) I continue on the blood until it leads me to where he lays and I instantly count his points and he is a six i field dress him and get to work dragging him home. Thank you for reading.

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