First timer

by John Hatlan
(Viola, Wisconsin)

I was 12 and ready to hunt. I had been on many stander hunts and drives but this was the year that I was going to get to carry a gun and get the big one. My dad woke me up at 5 Oclock. He was so amazed by how fast I got dressed, that he said I must have been sleeping in my orange. Anyway, the season was going along smoothly and me and my dad were going to head out to a friends place. Well, as we pulled in, to our surprise there was a buck chasing a doe, so I jumped out, grabbed my 30-30 and shot him in the heart. It was my best deer hunting moment so far, even if he was only a little six point, he still is my favorite buck today.

Comments for First timer

Nov 21, 2010 wow
by: Anonymous Wow! Thats amazing!:o

Oct 30, 2009 Congratulations !!
by: Anonymous Way to go !!

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