First Turkey

by brad

I had been turkey hunting for 2 seasons with no luck. So I was hopeing that 2012 would be a good turkey year for me. I set up a feeder and a trail cam and was getting some good pics of turkeys. So when turkey season came around I took the feeder down and set up a blind near where it was I hunted a couple of days with no luck. The last day I had to hunt with my dad a turkey came in from a blind spot and gobble about 5yards from the blind. I leaned up to see the turkey and he ran off. The next day I called one of my friends to come out and do some calling for me cause my dad had to go to work. My friend said he would love to help me get my first bird he had already shot several. So we get set up and right as the sun starts coming up we start hearing gobbles we call to them for a bit and then they stop gobbleing. We sat there for about a hour with hearing nothing. Around 8:30 a hen walks in front of us but no tom. We wait and about 15 mind later my friend sees something moving out of the corner of his eye. I start looking for him he came in from behind us so I had to twist around in my chair to get a shot. I look for a bit then I see him walk out from behind a tree and take my shot the turkey hit the ground and that was it. He was a nice bird with a 8 in beard.

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