First video buck

by C Marine
(Iowa city IA Johnson )

It was a Friday in the firt week of November. My buddy and I were planning on deer hunting as soon as school got out. Schools out so we load up the truck and head to a little 40 acre piece of timber that connects to a very large extending river bottom. It was about 50 degrees when school got out but a front was moving in so we expected temps to start dropping and hoped the deer would be on their feet. Since it was November in Iowa we had very high hopes. WE get to the spot and head to the stand. The stand is on the west section of timber. We had a picked corn field to the west and a clover food plot and bean field to the north. It’s about 4:15 by the time we get all settle in, I’m in a stand above Jake with the camera and he’s below with the bow. The first deer of the evening show up about 4:50, it’s 5 does and they are feeding in the corn about 300 yards away. I kept glassing around the does expecting a buck to be with them but no buck was to be found. within a half hour the 5 does made thier way back into the timber. We went another half hour with plenty of squirlls to be found but no deer. Around 5:15 we could hear some scratching and crunching of leaves moving our way, coming from the west. Expecting it to be another squirell, but to my surprise it was a very respectabl 10 point, working the scape line through the timber. He was coming in our direction. He stopped right on the main trail that leads past the stand at 15 yards and starts making a scrape. But instead of coming on the trail he decides to keep going east and never comes quite close enough for a good shot. It was a good sight and I got some good video of him. At this point it is getting kinda dark and it’s the time when you wonder if its gonna happen or not. Im thinking this in my head when I turn back to the south west and notice a doe walking directly toward us in the field, not a clue of where she came from. Just then she starts running, behind her is a shooter buck, he’s pushing her right to us. The doe comes over the levy to our south and works her way past us at 30 yards, the buck is right on her tail. Jake gets to full draw waiting for the buck to get to an opening. I grunt as soon as the buck gets in the opening, Jake releases the arrow and 12 rings him. Buck goes 50 yards and collapses. Im pumped at this point because not only did I get this hunt all on video, I helped my freind get his first ever bow buck and a nice one at that. As soon as we got settled down from the excitement which was about 45 min later, we decided it was time to go check out Jakes buck. Walking up to the deer I think was the coolest part because jake didn’t know exactly how big this buck was, just that I told him it was one he could shoot. The buck scored right at 145, It is definetally a hunt I wont ever forget.

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