First Year of Deer Hunting

by Kati Stahl

It was the first day of deer season and it was my first year of hunting. I was very excited. It was a chilly November day around 6:30 a.m. Me and my dad were headed out to the woods to go sit in the ground-blind he had set up for us. We sat there for a couple of hours and all we saw were 4 does and they wern’t in close enough range to even try and get a shot at them. So what we decide to do it leave the ground-blind and go somewhere else. What we did was we pushed a couple woods. We got a few deer out but not many.

“Well we didn’t get anything”, I said.
“Yeah that’s alright, we always got the other days”, said my dad.

So we head out for the next day of deer season. Today we didn’t sit in a ground blind though. We pushed woods all day. We got ready to push this one woods and we were walking in these real tall weeds and these HUGE monster buck jumps out of the weeds and takes off running to the woods, which the other people were pushing at the time and stayed in there for awhile so what we did was my dad went and got out truck, picked me up and we were off. We got in this real low ditch and were waiting for out people to push the woods. They pushed it and the deer came running out… but not torwards us.

“Let’s go Kati”!, say’s my dad. “Jump in the truck”.
“Wow, I hope I get that deer dad”, it’s HUGE!
“Yeah I hope you get it too!”, say’s my dad.

I get in the truck we are heading in the direction of the deer. We keep getting closer and closer my dad stops let’s me out, I’m standing in the field. I pull up to shoot at the deer, It’s in front of me, I pull up and I pull the trigger. BOOM! I shot at the deer. I hit it i’m so excited the endrinilion rushing through my body, but that all soon changed.

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Nov 29, 2011 Very Cool!
by: Olivia Atherton Very cool story…I know what the first feels like, there is nothing like it. God Bless!

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