Frisbee toss for deer

by Paul
(Fla scrub oaks)

Deer scent dragged to the stand or tossed? I’ve done both and have had more luck with the play of the wind scenario. You know thinking the wind will blow one way until you get in your stand and light comes out and the four winds can’t make up there minds till nine nine thirty which way its really going to come from. myself don’t see deer till ten eleven o’clock anyways wait till this time to throw a frisbee with scent in the up wind direction.big can lid with taped on napkin works real well.have also used this method to detour deer from my trail going in.the deer in our woods have trails parallels the roads twenty yards in and if they come across your trail will alert the others your in the block.stop vehicle forty yards before trail throw disc out of dog or anything detouring deer around that forty yard barrier drive past your trail and do the same.then walk back and use your trail.this confuses them and they run around the block trying to figure it out.this should be done in the dark before u climb up stand.

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