Getting Sighted In

by Robert

Took my son to the range this past week end. He bought a scope for his black powder and was itching to get out there and sight it in.

We took our time and started close.

When we got out to 100 yards he took one shot and pow right in the bull. He then just hit one after another.

He is steady and sure of himself.

My eye sight is getting bad as I age so I am not able to focus in on the old iron sights any more.

I wanted to shoot some slugs down range with the 12 gauge but just can’t focus. So my son talked me into putting a scope on it for deer hunting since some of the places we go don’t allow rifles.

I picked up a scope and mounted it while he was shooting.

When he finished I set up and got it sighted in at 25 yards. Took it out to 50 yards and with the scope I was keeping a two inch group.

My son told me to take it out to 100 yards. I have never even tried to shoot that far with my shot gun.

Growing up we just shot clay birds or went duck hunting with it.

My dad always said it is a bird gun and nothing more, so I really never tried any thing else with it.

My son said go for it, lets see what it can do.

Boy was I surprised.

Aimed about two inches high and boom…the thing hit exactly where I was aiming.

I am now a believer and put several rounds down at 100 yards which all were good.

I am not sure if I would shoot it at a deer that far, but my hat is off to my son. He does his research and got me on target in no time.

Don’t be afraid to try new things and if you teach your children to do their homework before jumping out to the range or woods, they may surprise you with the knowledge they bring along.

Good hunting to all and take a kid along and patiently teach them all you know.

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