How Animals Really Disperse Scent

By Rex Holmes, Jr., Inventor of The Vapor Maker and Worlds Foremost Scent Authority

Did you know that the rut has happened as early as October in Illinois? There is one factor that will start the rut a month or month and a half early. Do you know what it is? Temperature!
The reason the cold temperature will trigger the rut early is because that is how nature helps put the scent of does in heat all over the woods.

This is how nature helps the bucks find the does. When a deer smells you 99% of the time what does he smell? He smells your perspiration. He also smells it in a liquid state. In fact, all animals smell in a liquid form. Even a snake runs his tongue out to pick up the moisture from the air to help him determine what is around him. When you are really hot and it is very cold outside, you give off a lot more perspiration. The same is true with does in heat. This is why it is called “in heat.”

I believe a doe’s temperature rises to about 112 degrees when she is in heat. An example of this theory can be seen if you have ever peed outside when it was very cold. Steam from the warm liquid goes straight up and then down and all around. A deer has a normal body temperature of 104 degrees. When she is in heat, the scent steam is coming off of her private parts and everywhere she goes it floats all through the woods sticking to every bush, blade of grass and tree it comes in contact with.

If you have ever owned a female dog that has come in heat, you will notice every male dog around – most of whom you’ve never laid eyes on before is at your house trying to find your female dog. How did they know where to come? Scent. Specifically, the scent of the dog in heat which has been carried throughout the neighborhood and deposited on every bush and blade of grass around. That is why male dogs go around smelling every bush they come by.

This is identical to the steam or perspiration coming off of the doe in heat and being carried down through the woods by prevailing winds and sticking to every bush it comes in contact with. When a buck smells this scent, especially a 5 or 6 year old, he smells the liquid form of the scent and knows it is the real thing. He won’t question scent in a liquid form that is disseminated through the air. He will come straight to the source – or doe – to mate every time.

This is where The Vapor Maker® comes into play. The Vapor Maker® is the only scent dispersal system on the market that you have total control of. It requires no batteries because it is a pump up bottle that holds 16 oz. of liquid. It has a special atomizing tip that will take any kind of scent and put it in the air exactly like nature does. It also has a 3 foot hose with a clip to hook to a limb down wind or out to your side in a tree stand. Because the bottle is made of a durable plastic you cannot hurt it or break it if you drop it from the tree stand. You can turn the bottle on by turning the ball valve, and with a 3 mph wind it will carry the scent 1/8 of a mile through the woods. The more wind, the further the scent will go. As you walk through the woods you can spray the bushes and low hanging tree limbs to lay a scent trail straight to your stand. Because scent in the air in a liquid form is the natural way deer smell, it needs to be watered down. A deer can smell 1000 times better than you and I. If it is strong to you it will overpower the sensitive olfactory system of a deer. You have to make the smell the same as nature does in order to fool the deer.

Deer are naturally inquisitive and may do anything at any time, but we want them to do it all the time because it is a natural instinct. So a 1 oz. bottle of a strong scent would need about 8 oz. of water to make it smell natural. At Vapor Trail Scents, L.L.C. our scents are 100% natural – made from a food source deer and other animals love. We gather the food source and make the scent ourselves. All of our scents, attractants and cover ups come in 4 oz. bottles and sell for just $7.00. We have found that 8 oz. of water to 4 oz. of our scent, My Shelia Doe in Heat, is perfect to fool all the bucks in your neck of the woods.

We also make the only cover scent and attractant – 33 Point Buck – that will eliminate the smell of gasoline. We have tested it against all the top scent killers on the market and the 33 Point Buck consistently beat out the competition in eliminating all types of scents.

We are confident the 33 Point Buck will totally cover up your scent. Used with the Doe in Heat, these two make an unbeatable pair to optimize your hunting experience. We recommend 4 oz. of 33 Point to 4 oz. of water. You can also spray it directly on your clothing using The Vapor Maker®.

Our company also makes Dominant Buck and Wapiti Scents. Read about us and our products at

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