Illinois Deer Hunting club forming in jersey Co. Illinois (limited members)

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by Eric Howard
(Calhoun Co. Illinois)

Illinois Trophy Buck Outfitters is forming a new Illinois deer hunting club for the 2009/2010 Illinois deer hunting season and beyond that will consist of 20 club members total per year. The club is offering partial and full memberships. The club will have many benefits which will include lodging, over 1000 acres of continuous ground located in Jersey County along the Illinois River. The property is very diverse and has some agriculture, deep hollows, mature timber, bluffs, standing crops and food plots; a full time guide will be available to help all club members with stand placement and recovery and field dressing of your deer.

ILTBO Hunt club will only allow 5 members per week in camp to hunt. This will keep low pressure on all the properties. We are currently in negotiations with the landowner for a long term lease commitment of 10 years and working on the bylaws, club rules and membership fees at this time. The club membership will be priced accordingly and within most hunters’ budget. Please feel free to email us at or check out the website for upcoming membership information and pricing.

Partial Memberships: A partial membership will consist of 3 weeks of archery hunts, an October hunt, a November hunt and late season December or January hunt along with a week of spring turkey hunting and shed horn/moral mushroom hunting.

Full Memberships: A full membership will consist of a combination of 3 weeks of archery, an October hunt, a November hunt and a late season hunt in December or January along with one of the 3 firearm seasons and a week of spring turkey hunting and shed horn/moral mushroom hunting.

The benefit of a partial yearly membership includes 3 weeks of guaranteed archery hunts along with fringe benefits. The benefits of a full yearly membership includes 3 weeks guaranteed archery hunts one of the 3 firearm/blackpowder seasons along with many fringe benefits.

Our membership costs will be around the price of a hunt with the big Illinois deer hunting outfitters. One week of hunting with them or a year around membership with ILTBO hunt club. Any week of archery that is open and has no hunters or there are still spots available a paid member will be allowed to fill that opening which is included in their membership.

Comments for Illinois Deer Hunting club forming in jersey Co. Illinois (limited members)

Aug 12, 2013 Real class act
by: Eric b I can tell everyone to stay away from this guy, I was partnered with him in business and it only took a few months to see through his smooth talking bullshit. He would rip off his own son and girlfriend who are the only ones defending him. You know were I live Howard why don’t you grow a pair and meet myself or Andy sometime and we can get down with it. Can’t wait to see you!!! And by the way I hope you watch us on face book, and see how a real outfitter operates. I know you probably do and I hope it gets deep under your skin. For a real deer hunt in Illinois call Eric Busch 810 252 1042 or Andy Chandler 810 348 0620 . We can kill big bucks on real management ground during the day and bash howard by the fire at night

Oct 28, 2011 Scammer Eric Howard
by: Anonymous Was fired and sued for $300,000 and lost for when he worked for the MI prison system. Just google his name and Eric Howard Grand Rapids MI.Also he is working under Precision Windshield doing stone chips where he scams fleet accounts by billing for work that is not preformed.He has a lot of ties to the west MI glass business and has done some catering operations. He know resides between Belding and Rockford.STEER CLEAR

Oct 03, 2011 love you
by: my name is devin dont say crap about my dad he has a job han just taking you on hunts

May 21, 2010 Smooth talking scam artist
by: Anonymous Believe everything bad thing you here about Eric C. Howard. (7095 Maple Grove Rd. Nashville, MI 49073 269-838-2474) He is a liar and a cheat. We need to put this guy out of business, before he rips more people off.

by: LYNCHING Are you serious….. He’s not a bad guy?
He screwed a lot of people out of a lot of money after getting them to trust him, he flat out took advantage of them, HE gives the hunting community a bad name.He has multiple people in four states after him for ripping them off and he’s not a bad guy??? All these people must be making this up huh?I and a lot of others are going to trash this guy in every website and forum we can, we will post ALL of his contact info so others can find him including his address….time to run and hide Eric!
If it’s the last thing I do, I will catch this low life!
If this useless waste of skin was on fire I would be sure to put him out with a pitch fork!!!!!

May 06, 2010 ERIC HOWARD
by: Anonymous hey ERIC, you are a SCAMMER and a PIECE OF ****. anyone who gives you a dime is stupid. STAY AWAY FROM THIS MAN. you might as well throw your money in a hole!

May 04, 2010 YES He is a SCAMMER!
by: Baad Guy for the industry!! The low life Eric Howard flat out scammed a company I work for,and put me in the middle of it, the same way he scammed everyone else, a bunch of promises and nothing but BS. So whomever is saying he is a “great” guy is either covering for him or wrongly informed. Spread the word and thanks for adding the info on who to contact for the investigation, I will be calling to fill them in.I hope I run into this punk my self someday and take care of this the old fashion way!I HOPE YOU READ THIS ERIC!

Apr 21, 2010 SCAMMER!!! BEWARE
by: Calhoun Co. IL Sue, you are erics girlfriend so you should have his back, duh, ask anyone in southwestern illinois and they know ERIC is a scam artist. he takes peoples money and runs. the IDNR and others have charged and convicted him of crimes for a reason, plus if you dig a little bit deeper he has some other previous charges unrelated to hunting that are sketchy, (u know what im talking about). he is a liar and that is the truth, he better hope not to show his face around illinois or kansas cause i know alot of people looking for him and not to book a hunt! just look at his record and he is nothing but a liar and scam artist. last year he tried to lease land in calhoun ,montgomery and greene counties and took money for hunts and took NOONE hunting. and didnt return the money. He lies about “trophy managed properties” and “qdma guidelines” all of his harvest kills are fake and not on the property can u manage a property that you have never have leased and this is your 1st year? you both are scammers and dont give these people a dime. if you need other people as refrences i can list over 20 that are looking for him and would be glad to speak to you. STAY IN MICHIGAN AND SCAM PEOPLE THERE STAY OUT OF ILLINOIS AND KANSAS!!!!!!!!

Apr 20, 2010 Good Man!
by: Sue And his son is also man enough to say who he is and not hide as “anonymous”. Anyone who knows the facts should have no problem listing their names. Funny how a person can say such mean and cruel things but not have the guts to put a name behind it! Eric is a good man!

Apr 20, 2010 I’d be very leary
by: Anonymous I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but when the only good comment this guy gets is from his own son, I’d be very leary of giving this fella a dime. I think we all know the facts. There are good outfitters and down right thieves. There is not much gray area here, from the sounds of it. With all of the good ones out there, why take a chance with this dude?

Apr 15, 2010 eric howard
by: Anonymous this man is a scam artist. dont give him a dime. he will promise you the world and deliver nothing. if i saw him on fire i would not throw any water on him.

Apr 14, 2010 its not true
by: his son he is a good man and does provide good hunts….. its just a big misunderstanding that someone is blowing out of porportion

Apr 13, 2010 Good Man
by: Anonymous I know who he is too….good man who has provided great hunts! Very honest! Know the facts.

Apr 07, 2010 i know him
by: Anonymous i know who eric howard is…. i know his number and address

Apr 05, 2010 Ripoff Artist
by: Anonymous Mr. Howard has been guilty of all kinds of scams in the past. Usually it goes something like this. He tells a hunter he has leased a certain piece of property to hunt. He collects the money from the hunter, but never pays the landowner. Usually he can get away with it for a year or two. Then the landowner/farmer gets wise and kicks his ass out. The hunter gets kicked off of a property he thinks he has lease rights to, and the farmer gets screwed, waiting for his payment. The ONLY person that makes out on the deal is ERIC HOWARD. He is the ultimate ripoff artist.

Apr 02, 2010 Arrested
by: Anonymous Eric Howard was arrested on 4/1/2010 in Grand Rapids MI on a case of scamming hunters. He has bonded out so he is still out and about.

Mar 23, 2010 Eric is untrustworthy
by: Anonymous He continues to scam people through out the Midwest

Feb 04, 2010 Outfitter took money and ran
by: Anonymous Don’t book hunts with Illinois Trophy Buck Outfitter, Eric Howard. Eric Howard booked hunts for the 2009 and 2010 hunting season for both Illinois and Kansas whitetail hunts. Once he received his money he didn’t follow through with his services. The Illinois and Kansas DNR is looking for him. If you booked a hunt with him please call Officer Greg Weishaupt 618-232-9812 or 618-535-1434 to report him. Currently their are about 20 people that he has done this too. We currently can’t locate him and he will not return any phone calls. He has been reported to SCI, Michigan DNR, Illinois DNR, and Kansas DNR. If you have any information on Illinois Trophy Buck Outfitter please call so we can stop him from doing this to others and to get his outfitters license revoked.

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