Is that what I think it is!!!

by champ

Well, it was the morning of dec. 3rd I couldnt make my mind up to run the rabbit dogs or go to the deer stand so i decided to do a little of both. I called my cousin and told him to bring the rabbit dogs and start them at the front of the property and I was goin to be sitting in the back of the property so if the dogs happen to slip one out I would be there waiting. Well I had got to my stand about an hour before I told him to be there. The morning was cold a hard frost on the ground and animals didnt seem to be acting right. I had seen nothing by the time he was supposed to be getting there. Then I heard him opening the gate to drive in the property. Just as he turned his truck off I heard something comeing down the oak ridge in between us. As i looked back a big doe topped the ridge bout to run smooth over me, then to my surprise a buck we call casper was dogging her About two foot behind her. The come up fast And I had no time to react so I had to let Them run by me. When they crossed in fornt of me they were less than 10 yards away I had to hollar at them to get them to stop on the next ridge I settled in and took the shot the deer dropped and started rolling down the hill. He was a big pretty ten point with a 19 inch spread and field dressed 210 pounds not a bad deer for alabama.

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Nov 21, 2011 Get’um Rover & Spot
by: Brr Black What does a dog say when he is on top of a house? roof-roof. What does a dog say when he is in a tree? bark, bark ! seriously though funny story !

Oct 19, 2011 The Dawgz
by: B.R.Y. That is so kool. I’am not sure but up here in PA your not allowed to hunt dear with dogs.Heck we can’t even hunt on sundays.Nothing like an exciting hunt. Thanks for sharing your story.

Oct 17, 2011 WOW!!!
by: Christy That sounded like fun…What a awesome deer…

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