Jake’s Jake

by Jacob
(Schuyler County, MO)

One afternoon my dad, my grandpa, and I went to go crappie fishing at our favorite crappie pond. But instead of crappie fishing my dad and I decided to go turkey hunting while grandpa crappie fished. As we were walking out in the cow pasture we heard two gobblers gobbling and a hen clucking. We set up about 200 yards away from the turkey, suddenly I heard a boom boom boom, and I asked dad what was that? And he said the turkey is drumming. It was the coolest thing I have ever heard. As the turkey were right over the crest of the hill we could never get a clean shot so we tried to set up on a couple of different birds. We sat down by a large tree where my dad had shot a good gobbler the year before. My dad was about 10 yards behind me and after about 5 minutes I heard my dad say Jake turkey to your left (the turkey had came in silent and was at a fast jog) so I stood up and took a shot and just missed him. And so for the third time we tried to set up on a different group of turkeys. As we were walking through the pasture my dad saw three good turkey on the other side of the creek, my dad tried to call them in with the box call but they wouldn’t respond so he said Jake try your voice call ( I’m able to do a hen turkey call with no assistance of a call) they immediately started coming in our direction. After about 5 minutes one of the turkey came over the hill and I took the nice Jake at 28 yards. He didn’t die instantly though he started to run back towards the creek, so we got and chase him. Finally as I reached the creek I saw him standing there in the creek and I put him down on that shot.

Comments for Jake’s Jake

Aug 09, 2011 lots of turkys
by: Anonymous nice story…..What ur grandpal say?

Jan 07, 2011 Sweet
by: Anonymous Good job kid

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