Knock him out

by john Perniciaro
(Monroe Mi)

It was the third day of hunting season and my 89 year old dad just couldn’t get out of bed. He was exhausted. Told him I would hunt till 9:00am then we would go home. Drove out to my spot and just threw 4 shells in the gun. No use taking my back pack as I was only hunting a couple of hours. Sitting in my blind I see this deer coming across the cut corn field. My blind sits about 100 yards in the woods, but we have cut a small path to the field. It seemed like it took him forever to get to the path. He stopped broad side on the edge of that opening. We are in shotgun territory in Michigan which is new to me. I shot and he went down and was up in a minute. He stood behind a couple of trees and I couldn’t shoot. Finally he walked back in that opening, I shot again and he took off. I waited a couple of min and went down there. Followed the blood trail to a little swail next to the corn. He was laying there with his head up, was only about 10 yards from him. Figure I would put one in his head and that would be it. did that with my 3rd shot. Called my kid and told him to bring the gator. Walked back to my blind to get my knife. When I walked up to the deer was going to pull him out to the field to gut him. Reached for the horn and the deer got up and scared the heck out of me. Thank god he went away instead of at me. Believe I shot from the hip he scared me so much and naturally I missed. The buck staggers out to the open field I raise the gun and it goes click no more shells. Call my kid back and tell him to stop by the car and bring more shells. He was laughing and wanted to know what the heck was going on. The deer laid down in the field and was dead by the time he came. It turns out my 3rd shot only knocked him out. But I sure learned a lesson.

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