Last Hunt

by Ken

I had hunted a farm in the ridge and valley area of Pennsylvania for about a dozen years.It was owned by an older couple.Counting bucks and does, I averaged a deer per year.I really liked the people and the area.The husband died first and his widow stayed on until her death.I had a favorite stand for bad weather.It was an abandoned cattle shelter on a hillside meadow.It overlooked a wooded creek bottom and the meadow on the opposite hillside.After the widow died,the property was sold.Her nephew gave me permission to hunt there one more time.I had recently bought a used Winchester model 70 in .243 caliber.Opening morning was threatening rain so I went to the cattle shelter.Two pickup trucks were parked in a lane on the neighboring property.About 8:00 two deer appeared on the lane and passed between the trucks.They entered the meadow below me and to my left.I scoped them and the second one had legal antlers of four points.As they stopped at the stream before crossing,I took my shot.They bolted into the brush and disappeared.A few seconds later a single doe ran up the opposite hill in the meadow.I thought “I got him” and decided to count my paces.It was 180 paces to the spot where the deer had been standing.I crossed the stream and found the buck in the brush.It was my last hunt in a place with a lot of good memories.

Comments for Last Hunt

Oct 31, 2011 Good hunt
by: Greyghost I am glad you at least got one last hunt in. When this happened to my family we didn’t even get told we couldn’t hunt until early October. To late to find another lease that year. Thankfully we got one the next year and are busy making memories there now.

Oct 28, 2011 New Place
by: Ken This happened in the 1990’s.I went knocking on doors and found another place where I have made new memories and collected some venison.

Oct 28, 2011 To Ken from another in PA
by: B.R.Y. Man ‘ Ken that is kinda’ sad but good story. My uncle is thinking about selling his farm as he is getting older. I dont know what I’ll do. I’d buy it but just dont have the cash. Hope you find a new place. God bless Ya’ !

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