Last Minute Button

by Brandon
(McDonough, Georgia)

It was October 9, 2011. It was the last day of a weekend youth hunt in Golconda, Pope county, Illinois. The stand I was going to hunt was all the way at the end of a 300 acre corn field which had not been cut. There was just a little dirt road going through the corn. My dad said he couldn’t take me all the way to the back because of the small truck he had. He thought it might get stuck. I was a good 500 yards from the stand. So I said forget it and slipped off in the woods where I knew another stand was that was closer. It sat in a creek bottom and about 20 yards from a thicket. A perfect spot. Except I couldn’t find the stand. So I figured there are probably deer in there right now, so I better not do much tromping around to find it. So I just sat down against a tree. At about 7:30 A.M. I went to stand up and stretch and there was 3 or 4 deer to my right at about 30 yards and sure enough they blew and took off. I thought it was over for sure. I only had till 9:00 because my dad had to get back to work. At 8:30 I saw 2 deer about in the same spot to my right at about 25 yards. It was a doe and its button buck. I already had my scope on the button buck and the doe was staring right at me. I knew I wouldn’t be able to move on the doe without being spotted. So I said heck with it, I only have 30 minutes left . . . KABOOM!!! My Knight Muzzleloader dropped the little guy right in its tracks. Sure I wasn’t to proud of it. But now we have meat in the freezer! P.s. It was the perfect morning and the perfect spot. It was about 45 degrees with a slight drizzle and fog.

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