Looking forward to this season! Deer Hunting in Virginia

by sarah

Hi, my name is Sarah Kirk and I am fourteen years old. I have been raised with boys and grown up watching my dad and other family members shoot their bows and bring home deer. Almost none of my family gun hunts so I never did much shooting when I was young, I just tagged along and watched. Last season was my first with a bow. I was shootin’ a little 45 pound bear, now I have upgraded to a Diamond Razor Edge and I love it. What got me hooked to huntin’ was the last day of the season I was out in the blind getting ready to head home when a deer circled around me, when I thought I had a good shot I drew back my bow and the deer moved behind a tree. I had never had such an adrinaline rush! I was shaking and when the deer finally moved I pulled the trigger. To my dissapointment I missed but I was hooked! I will be huntin’ a peach and blueberry orchard this fall in Bedford county Virginia and am hoping to get my first kill.
What I am planning on doing is trying to have a hunting show. I would really like having a job doing what I love. I think I have a good chance at this if I do it right because I am a female bow hunter. I recently found some connections to a camera crew who may film me this fall.

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Nov 10, 2009 Good Job
by: Anonymous Great job, i hope you do become a famous bow hunter.

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