Love Hunting in VA

by Robert
(Powhatan Va)

I grew up hunting my whole life. So to be able to share this with my children is just the best. We moved to Virginia some 12 years ago and with the busy life never took the time to get out and hunt. Last year I finally got to take my kids out. We hunted some WMA’s here since I don’t have any private land to hunt on. Scouted out an area and seen several deer. I set my son up in what I thought was the spot. I then moved a few fields over not to disturb his hunt and give me a chance to scout another area. I wasn’t in my stand long when I got this out of breath over excited call. “Dad I got one what do I do”. So I calmly asked if he knew where he hit him and did he see him fall. He said I know the spot and the arrow looked to go all the way through. By the time I climbed down and got over to him he had found the blood trail and was about to jump out of his clothes with excitement. He had shot at two deer and this one he missed the first time and used the old I’ll grunt and see if I can get her to stop again. It worked. We trailed the deer for 45 yard and he saw her laying just over a fence line. The excitement the he had was just great. I love hunting. To just get out and enjoy the outdoors and spend some time with family and friends. Letting the hustle of the world out of your mind even just for a day…I waited to long to get back out in the woods. For all of you with a family. Don’t wait, they grow up too fast not to show them the wonderful experience of hunting and the great outdoors. So be safe and have fun. I don’t care if I get a deer, just seeing the joy in my kids is worth everything.

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Sep 04, 2010 Great job
by: Peter Derick Yeah this is right……….sometimes children do that work which an experience can’t do.Congrats for your kid.All the best for your next hunting.
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