luckiest season ever

by Kody Murdick
(Laurel De )

So last deer season in Delaware proved to be a pretty good season. Early in the season I wasn’t having the luckiest season ever, bow hunting starts early september and it was a tough start to the season due to the fact that all i saw was yearlings and really little ones. Well after my brother in law and father in law putting the hurt on some nice does, I knew my time was coming. Sure enough the opening day of the October muzzleloader season, I was sitting on a soybean field on state land. The day was chilly but not to cold. Enough to get the deer stirring. I saw many small does, a scrub buck, and some big does but all out of range. Well we were five minutes away from losing legal light and out stepped a big mama of a doe. The pressure was on my shoulders cause I cant speak for all hunters but for me the shooting the first deer of the season is challenging because all my emotions are high due to the waiting and planning to put together a wonderful season so getting the first deer on the ground is just a wild range of anticipation. So she is walking broad side at about 200 yards. She turns towards me and makes it to 150 yards and stops. Due to legal light running short and my emotions high the moment was now or never. So quartering to me I put the crosshairs on her front shoulder and pull off a shot. I watch her and four others run through the field and into the woods five yards away from my stand. figuratively the dust settles and i climb down. I conferred with my brother in law who was hunting across the field from me. we grabbed the flash lights since legal light was well gone. We began our search for a blood trail in the middle of the field where she had been when I took the shot. With no blood we started to trace her steps towards the woods. With every step we took no blood, and I began to think the i had missed. We got to the woods line where she went in and it looked like she had started to bleed like a stuck hog. We followed her heavy blood trail for about fifteen yards and there she was, laid out like a big dog. That was my start to my best season where i had put three additional big mama does on the ground.

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