lucky ex wife

by joe
(lonoke county)

this is the story of an ex wife I have on one of the few hunts she accompanied me on.
we lived in centeral Arkansas and the palce were hunting was literaly a few mile out of town. we were hunting with a friend of mine who drove us out and the land owner was a lodge member. the nwife didn’t want to get very far away from the jeep so we found her a nice cozy spot where she could look down a logging road and still see the jeep. she can see probably 200 nyards down the road in the other direction(away from the jeep). she was using a marlin 30-30 lever action so we wernt worried about her shooting the jeep and leaving us stranded so to speak.

we explained we were going to cut across the woods to a clearing and walk down a ways and cut back in to try and run some deer in her direction, she said ok but seemed skeptical.

well we did we cut across the woods and walked down expecting we would see some deer along the way, we didn’t so we cut back into the woods keeping each other in sight not making to much noise but not being to quite eather. after we hade covered about a 1/4 mile I motioned to my friend we should head back in the direction of the jeep, and we began to drive in that direction. shortly their after we heard a single shot. so we hurried to where we hade left her. she was no where to be found so we hollered for her, no reply.
we talked and decided to go to the jeep drop our gear off and go find her. she was waiting for us at the jeep.

a little put out that she wasn’t where we left her we questioned her about the shot. she explained she hade gotten boed and returned to the jeep to wait on us. and that was when the deer broke from cover and almost ran over her she fired as he was going away from her from left to right at about 60 dregee angle. after a short search of the area we found the deer a small 6 pointer. as we cleaned the deer I found an odd looking entrance wound but no exit wound. it was a nice clean lung shot tough. we found the bullet while skinning the deer in the opisite side between the ribs and skin.

now the lucky part how this all happened. when I went back out the next day to satisfy my curiousity about the odd looking entrance wound this is what I found.
nect to where we parked the jeep was a brush pile, after carful examination I found a branch about 1 inch in diameter which hade been shot through which started the bullet tumbling as it came out of the brush pile before it hit the deer side ways slicing trough a ribe on the right side. as it passed though it lost momentum and punched through between two ribs on the left side but didn’t have the energy to exit the skin.

I cut the two halved of the branch off and took them home with me and hade the antlers mounted with the two halves of the branch and the bullet on a large plack and gave it to her a suviner of her luck shot.

please escuse the spelling mistakes

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