Matthew Teeter

by matthew teeter
(crawford, Indiana)

first day of the 2011 season in southern Indiana, started off just great the way i thought it would ,but would like sum feed back from other veteran hunters on this …. sating on a north ridge wind blowing s.e. a buck steps out from the thicket to my left.a 165 class buck. befor he stepped out i came to full draw , as he stepped out the wind blew my scent right to him he stopped looked right at me never to take another step.he was 40 yrds down hill. i held as long as i could but he never came closer he was quatering to me i couldnt hold my bow string any longer so i let it fly …..right over his back he never blew snorted any thing and im want to knw if you think he’ll be back? your feedback will be good to know

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Nov 23, 2011 Hang Tough
by: Dewaine Hang in there,,, I use to hunt Indiana and once missed a big buck on an evening hunt. Two days later I shot a nice big buck on a morning hunt. I found a grazed patch of missing hair across his back from me “missing” He was shot from the same stand.

Oct 12, 2011 I’am praying for ya’!
by: B.R.Y. I’ve never had the chance to hunt a buck that big.I’ve heard some hunters say the bigger they are the smarter they are. But hey ya never know. One year I missed the same 9 pointer twice the first day, and 3 more times in archery season. Yeh’ I know pretty sad. But in my defence my wife at the time came out on the porch as I was packing up my gear on the first morning, hoding an ept and said she was pregnant! Very unexpected. Anywho- I ended up getting that buck the first day of rifle season.I heard one shot in the morning and thought -someone just shot my buck, then I seen him limping , I finished him off. I tried to find the hunter who shot him first, I was gonna’ give it to him. I never found that person’ so I keep him for myself .Good luck!!!
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