My 11 year old sons first deer

by Doug
(Moncks Corner sc)

Opening day for doe season my son and I get in the stand. It’s still pretty warm out. We sit there for about an hour before I see him reaching for his youth model 243. I stopped him and said what do you see? Over to the right of us he points out a deer walking out of the wood line. I see that it’s a yearling only about 50 yards away. I tell him to go ahead and get his rifle in position and wait because big sister will be coming out with it for it is the same deer we have been seeing on our game cameras. We watch this deer for about 5 minutes and I could see my son shaking and panting. I asked him if he wanted to go ahead and shoot this one or wait, of coarse he said he wanted to shoot it. It turned broad sided about 40 yards away. I told him to go ahead and take a shot if he wanted to. BANG he dropped it in its tracks, perfect heart shot. Wow I’m impressed with my 11 year old son. After the shot I did’nt think he could breathe any harder and we where full of smiles.

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Oct 04, 2011 dads and sons
by: B.R. Yanney I never thought my dad was proud of me, I was a long haired metal-head back in the 80’s. But when I drug out that first doe to the truck, and he came out of the woods and seen what I had done. I seen that look in his eyes and that smile on his face.Well I’am teering up right now, we became much closer that day. Thank you for your story, it brought back great memories.

Mar 29, 2011 Father and Son Time
by: Kennneth That is great. I am happy for you and your son. I shot my first deer with my dad opening day afternoon and I have been huntting with him since I was 8 and now I’m 15 and last year I shot a very nice 8 point. When I called my dad to tell him, I have never seen him so happy, he was crying. I hope you and your son can hunt together for a long time and I hope yall have good luck the up coming hunting season.

Sep 18, 2010 Hunting with our kids
by: Anonymous It is so great to be out there with our kids. I am so glad your son got a dear. My son is 17 and I still enjoy it when he calls me and says he got one can I come over and help drag it out. Good luck and many more joyful hunt’s to you and your son.
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