My biggest buck

by Zachary Bryant
(Falkville Alabama, Morgan county)

My name is Zachary, this is the story of my biggest buck ever In my life. Well I was hunting a buck everyone was talking about so I decided to go after him. I was told by several people that I wouldn’t see him before the end of the season. I hunted him for 2-3 weeks of passing up many deer I went on Friday January, 25 2013 a very rainy nasty day. I called a couple times then sat still watch the field, then about twenty to thirty minutes when suddenly I seen antlers and a large body moving though the woods.

He jumped a six-foot fence and stopped ten yards out and that’s when I took my critical shot on a once in a life time buck in Morgan county Alabama. He ran about one-hundred yards and staggered then fell to the ground. I was so happy that I just got the buck of my dreams for that year. I gave him a little while went to check him out, he was a typical 8 point with 4 extra kickers on the base of his antlers. So that’s my story of my biggest buck.

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Jan 28, 2013 biggest buck
by: mark From one hunter to the other Great Job Zackery it pays to put the time in. Nice to here you got the deer you was after.
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