My biggest mule deer yet.

by Taylor Turner Ely nevada

On opening morning i wake up about at about 3:30 in the morning me and my dad get on our 4-wheeler then i grab my muzzeloader and leave. About a half-and-hour later we got to the hunting blind that we set up. We were there for an hour. A small bull elk walked by. we hiked the hill to our 4-wheelers and on our way out of the vally we seen a ok sized 2×2 on the skyline but i passed on him. We road hunted the rest of that day and didnt see anything. The next mornin gwe woke up about 4:00 in the morning and left. We got to the top of the mountian and we seen a few doe then a nice 3×3 walked out. i stopped my 4-wheeler, grabbed my muzzeloader and hopped off the 4-wheeler got my sights on him and shot. He ran i had missed from 200 yards away. I reload then drive around the corner and there was a really big 4×4. i slammed on my brakes got my gun put the primer in shot then he droped he also had 2 and a half inch eyeguards.

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