My Dads Big 15pt Kentucky Buck

by Hunter


My Dads Big 15pt Kentucky Buck

My dad has been deer hunting in these Kentucky woods for over 20 years.

Word got out about a monster buck up through there.

Finally word got to my dad that there was a big Kentucky buck there.

My dad got to the woods he has been hunting at for over 20 years and there were a lot of trucks there, they were after that buck.

My dad about went home but he decided “what could it hurt to go”.

He sat there for an hour, two does passed and a little six pointer.

Suddenly he heard a noise behind him.

He turned to look, and there was the biggest buck he had ever seen.

The buck ran up a hill and my dad couldn’t find the deer through all the trees.

He set up his gun on a stump and finally found the deer but he couldn’t get a shot at it.

Finally the deer came out into an opening and he shot it.

The deer ran down the hill and collapsed dead.

He went to check the deer out and then he got one of his buddies to help him drag it out.

We went to a deer check in station and everyone crowded around the deer.

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Jun 17, 2009 deer
by: Anonymous it didnt get scored on p and y but in b and c it was around 160. he was hunting on a guys land that he knew

Jun 17, 2009 Beautiful Trophy
by: Jeff What did the buck score on the Pope and Young scale. It sounds as if your dad shot it with a gun.It also sounds as if you were hunting public property.Was your dad on private or public property. I hope it was not private with all the hunters around..Happy hunting and keep the stories coming.Jeff
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