My first bow harvest must read

by mark trent jr
(clevelnd ohio )

Itt was October 14 2005 my dad had picked me up from school it was a nice day about 45-50 degrees with a lite wind. We were hunting over a soybean field in astrabula county. My dad decided to hunt to hot corner by the pines as I hunted the other side hoping to get them coming from there bed to the field. I was in a tree stand about fifty yards into the woods. Its a permanent stand that has been there since I started hunting there at age eight for squirrel. Well as the day light fades I look to my left and see a deer at fifteen yards all six point but I was so stunned he got on me i was to nervous to move n when i finally shot he was about 35 yards away I put my pin on him and watch my aarow go right under his belly in disappointment I get down to retrieve my aarow which has imbeeded in a tree so my broadhead broke so I decided to go hunt to ground on the other side across to field from my dad as I just settle in I look up and see two does coming to the field a yearling n the mother I I set back I’m wondering why my dad isn’t shooting turns out they where ten yards to far and I’m glad they where cuz about fifteen minutes of the does milling around for soybean out came this big body six point and he starts pushing the yearling aroung and comes within thirty hard a few times but with missing earlier that same day I was hesitent n just praying the deer would come closer but he mostly stuck by the does at about eighty yards away then I hear something behind me i turn around its a deer standing there a five yards staring at me as I look at it it takes off as I turn around the six point is running straight toward me i kinda got nervous to be honest but he comes to the edge of the field which is three yards way at the most t.urns broadside and looks at the does as if it was a sign that that deer was meanlt for me I draw back n release my aarow its a perfect shot I’d hope so that close:-) I watch the deer slowly walk away with my aarow sticking half way out I stand up n I see my dad he ask did u shoot at that deer from the stand I told him no that the deer was three yards away n that I smoked him. He was so happy n I was thrilled but we couldn’t find any blood or hair n i was positive I hit him good my dad ask if i missed n i was like common now three yards if I missed that then there’s gotta be something wrong n besides I seen the aarow sticking out of him so we go into the field edge where he ran into n we decided to come back the next morning my dads birthday so as hunters all know that was a restless night n the sleep I did get I was dreaming of finding this deer we wake up at seven thirty and begin out hour long drive we get there m start looking for hair and blood we walk in the woods and I’m looking around toward where he ran and i see a white belly I scream dad there he is we go to the deer n i tell my dad happy birthday n give him a card that I had made for him as were in the woods he was so happy n i was to come to find out my dad as an avid deer hunter had seen the white belly of my deer for at least five minutes before I did he just wanted me to find him.he ran about fifty yards n dropped that is close to one of my most exciting hunts ever n i thank my dad for getting me into this wonderful sport. I look to that day as a sign to have a deer at three yards turn broadside n look away right -in spitting distance I thank god for that day and harvest as I do every one of godscreatures he puts on the other end of my need or pin. Hope you all enjoyed this cuz i know its a day I will never remeber

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Jan 23, 2014 not a goood idea
by: PA hunter as for that crossbow question… you should NEVER try a head shot with any bow. that is a low percentage irresponsible shot to take. I have killed a deer that I shot with a compound bow in the head but I didn’t shoot it there on purpose. it ducked the arrow and turned its head and I hit it right beside the ear. the arrow went the whole way through to the fletchings and the deer dropped but I was lucky. so yea chances are if you could be 100% sure you would hit exactly where you had to it would kill it at that range but its not worth the risk unless the deer is already wounded or something like that.

Mar 03, 2013 Head SHot
by: jackknife Can a 175 lb, 400 fps crossbow shot, directly into the top (of the front) of the head, while the deer is facing you, with its head down feeding, from 15 yards drop it on the spot, with the least amount of pain?
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