My First Buck ( Shot by a girl by the way )

by Zoe
(Omaha, NE)

So there we were sitting in the tall tree atand. It was kinda early in the morning. There was a fence in betwwen us and another property with tons of big bucks. A car came along the fence! I turned to my dad and said great that just ruined everything. Suddenly I saw 4 legs go by underneath the trees. I told my dad and he said ok well see what happens. About 5 minutes later I turned my head and There he was runnning straight toward the fence to the fence. In quick action my dad said mahh mahhh mahhh. The buck stopped and turned and tryed to run the OTHER WAY!!! He repeated maahh mahh mahhh the buck posed again. I took my 243 and aimed at his lungs BAM! he jumped in the air with the mule hump. We waited for 30 minutes to let him bleed out. We got down and my dad saw the bright blood he said sweetie I think you shot this buck and killed him. I smiled and we tracked the blood. All of the suddden we were only seeing microscopic blood drops. I started to freak out. The neighbors that were on the other side saw our problem and came to help we looked for about and hour they left. I was almost in tears. Finally I found a big pool up against some cat tails. We crossed on the street and found tons of blood. My dad was going to go find my deer on the other side of the fence. Before he did I screamed THERE HE IS!!!!! There was my little beauty of a buck. I was so happy and knowing that I got to shoot that buck in front of my dad and have him proud of me was amazing! I would redo it anyday. He got him up on the truck then turned and said good job sweetie I smiled and then we gutted him. Although he was super little I am proud of him and will always remember that day. Now I’m just ready and excited for next years season and hopefully going to bag a big one. =)

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