My first buck!!

by andrew friel
(clarksville, tn usa)

It was three years ago! I was 12 and I had a problem of staying awake in the woods. My dad kept waking me up and getting frustrated that I wouldn’t stay awake long enough to even tell if there was any deer. It was about 8 o’clock when I was actually awake for some reason. When dad looked over at me in his tree stand a few trees away and said there was a deer coming. so I got up and got ready and then a nice but small 8 point steps out from behind the pine tree. The way he was standing my dad couldn’t see him at the time, so I shot, and my dad looked and watched him run up the hill he wasn’t sure if I hit him or not, so he told me to stay in the tree and that he was going to go check for blood. When he started looking around he wasn’t too sure that I hit it. Then he happened to look down and seen that there was some hair and then he kind of looked the opposite way that he had been looking and seen that it was one of the biggest blood trails that he had ever seen. so he came and got me and we walked up the hill and we seen him on the ground. Then we went and seen my first buck ever which was a nice little 8 point. I will never forget that day.

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Mar 15, 2012 8 is Enough
by: Whitetail Hunter For your first ever buck, 8 is enough, Awesome. I remember my 1st buck ever, only 3pts. I now hunt for deer. You will always remember the 1st buck, great shooting.
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