My First Buttonbuck!

by David
(Franklin Kansas)

It was a cool clear morning back in 1991,I was staying with my Bro.he had access to about 86 acres.We got up well before daylight one morning,put on our camo’s got our bows and our flashlights(it was well before daylight).Started our treck through the dew covered grass,I was the only one carrying a haligon spotlight,my Bro. had a normal flashlight(apparintly that didn’t matter!!!)As we were walking to our groundblinds,we stoped afew 100 yards from our blinds,to wait abit,look at stars(sometimes we spotted shooting stars).Then we went our own sepperate ways.I was happy after I finnaly reached my bucket.It was just starting to break dawn in the east,but there were also still stars in the sky too.It was quite cool that morning,low 30’s not a cloud in site and not a whisper of a breeze!It was a perfect hunting setup,my breath was rising which was great because I wasn’t wearing any scent,except for ‘Scent Killer’.Then about 6:30 after it was good and light did I see’em,just kinda walking back’n’forth in front of me,so I thought I better take’em,I was watching him for about 2min.before I realized I better shoot’em now because I didn’t know if and how long I’d see another one (So I shot’em)!It was hard for me to miss from that distance,8yrds.heart’n’lungs and a complete ‘pass through’!So I walked back to get my he could help me track the deer,turns out it only traveled bout 20-25 yards,found’em took a lusy pic.(just one,wish I’d taken afew.)Anyway,field dressed him,got him in the truck and back home.

end of story!!

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