My First Deer Story 2013

by Pennie VanWinkle
(Montgomery Texas)

Clay's buck

My son Clay is 13, he shot his first deer (A 12 point with a palmated horn, older deer, once in a lifetime kind of thing!!!!!!) in Willis TX at my Aunt and Uncles property also known as the “Is She Blue Ranch” off Rose Rd. last Sunday 11/3/2013 (opening weekend).

He shot a 25-06, hiding in a brush blind with his Step Dad.

Buck was called out of the woods with a Grunt call right to a feeder we saw him at on the game camera the night before!

He shot him just before dark and had to track him a while in the woods to find him, obviously, we had to have some helpers.

Took about an hour to locate him and drag him to camp.

Here are a few pictures…. Enjoy!!!

One excited Mom!

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